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Here are fifty producers and acts that built up an incredible amount of momentum in 2022 and are undoubtedly the ones to watch throughout 2023 and beyond.

With the world opening back up and the wheels of the music industry finding back up to almost full speed, 2022 saw the release of a megaload of pent-up creativity from producers, DJs, and artists of all levels. And with so many shows to hit and artists to track, it can be understandable if a couple of the best ones slipped through the cracks of your own personal curations.  Downlighter


Running Magnetic, I have the opportunity to listen to a fair share of music every day and keep track of almost all the emerging talent coming don't another scene. This is why I wanted to curate this list, along with the help of a few on the Magnetic team, of fifty producers that built up some serious momentum throughout 2022 which is sure to carry over into some breakdown years for these artists in 2023. 

Is this list comprehensive? No, there was WAYYY too many amazing people making amazing music this year for even somebody who follows it full-time to keep up with. Did we miss a couple of your favorite artists? Probably!

All we wanted to do is to help you, and these artists, out a little bit by shedding some light on some of our favorite up-and-coming, underground, or underrecognized acts that we know are going to crush 2023. So let's dive into the list, which we've put together in no specific order...

Ivan Cespedes also know by his artist name Oneiro made waves in the electronic music industry that are still in movement and positively impacting the community in an echo of remembrance. Oneiro was one of the lead members and founders of Costa Rica's electronic music group known as "Electric Animals" which brings Progressive House and Melodic Techno vibes to the amongst their talented collection of locals along with top-notch international headliners. 

Oneiro sadly passed away last year from Covid yet his music lives on including one of his archived gems "Omega" which the team has released in his honor on the Perspectives Digital label.

Jake Kaiser has had a monumental this year, releasing on top labels such as Purified and others, with his latest single (linked below) that closed out the year being on TH3RD BRAIN records. And while 2022 was on the slower side for Jake in terms of gigs, he used his time valuably to release a ton of vocal singles and remixes and moved to an entirely new city; uprooting his life in San Fransisco, and resettling in Boulder, Colorado. 

James Flower is a producer who I am pinching myself for not having stumbled upon sooner, but I guess that's the beauty of underground dance music and up-and-coming producers! 

James has had one hell of a smashing year, not only having the opportunity to remix and "reimagine" Moullinex & Xinobi's single "Imaginary Numbers" but has also joined the esteemed and welcoming family at Discotexas. Hats off to James as we look forward to what he'll do in 2023! 

London-based, Poland-born DJ, Live act, Producer, and Livestreamer - Blanka Barbara defines her style with great enthusiasm and passion. Her productions express deep and textured progressively edged House & Techno – perfect to take a large crowd on a carefully steered sonic journey – intelligently immersive and musically adventurous. Blanka continues to make her mark with her radio show along with some stellar new releases from some of the industry's most respected labels.

Producer Hobin Rude has a busy release schedule this year releasing originals and remixes on a variety of top-notch labels including Nick Warren's imprint The Soundgarden. His music has made a big impact in this tear especially and we anticipate more music magic from this Serbian-based producer in the coming year.

Hailing from Argentina, Alan Cerra has been touted as one of the progressive scene's most promising talents turning heads with his groovy progressive sound. His tracks have been supported by big artists like Hernan Cattaneo and across major festivals and club gigs.

Jack Trades is a Canadian producer who has been on the slow and steady climb to success over the past years. Already having established a sizable following throughout the previous years, 2022 saw incredible signings for the artist, who closed out the year with the release of Myon's Tales From Another World Vol 2. Mix album with his track "Lamai."

Jiminy Hop has an incredibly unique sound that is getting nowhere near the amount of attention that he deserves. Having a tasteful mix of club-heavy grooves and ear-infecting melodies, his tracks have been supported by industry heavyweights like such as David Hohme and many others. 

But I think 2022 marked a big year for the Russian producer, as his inclusion on David Hohme's yearly mix album helped introduce Jiminy to new audiences and help pour fuel on the fire he's starting leading into 2023. 

re:boot is a power duo of two producers who have had incredible careers in the music industry in their own right, but whose collaborative project's foundations were truly established in 2022 and have set them up for a pivotal 2023. 

Their signature blend of anthemic trance melodies and aggressive, ear-splitting techno sound design has caught the attention of top names in both genres and has garnered them opportunities to share the stage with acts like Fatum and more. 

Electronic Producer / Rapper KHIVA's one-of-a-kind sound has made her one of electronic music's most potent and promising stars, generating waves of hype with her original productions and compelling live vocal performances. On November 9th, KHIVA released her Phantom Forces EP, which showcases her propensity toward emotionally fueled, bass-driven production, vocals, and songwriting. 

The release coincided with an international tour in India, performances with Zeds Dead and GRiZ, and 2022 performances at Electric Forest, Shambhala, Okeechobee, Lightning in a Bottle, and Outlook in Croatia, while headlining her own club dates across North America.

Mersiv is one of the prominent faces of the underground bass scene, rising to national acclaim behind his debut album Pretty Dark Loud and its supporting national tour. 

Following his direct support of Zeds Dead's RRX play this Summer, and his own headlining tour throughout the Fall, Mersiv has showcased himself as one of the most promising electronic acts to emerge. He released his latest banger, "Juggernaut," in Dec, and will make his debut headline at Red Rocks in April 2023 which means the future has never been brighter for this young all-star

Beatport’s NEXT artist 2021 IMANU continued to impress us all throughout this entire year. In 2022, he dropped his debut album Untold via Deadbeats and launched himself into US touring for the first time ever by debut alongside Zeds Dead at Red Rocks. 

He's quickly popping up on a slew of festival and club dates for 2023, backed by viral streaming numbers (17.9 million streams and 2.7 million listeners in 2022 alone). 

KILL SCRIPT isn’t a name to take lightly in the dance music world. Only coming onto the scene a short while ago with his first release in late 2020, he’s taken the techno genre by storm with impressive EPs on Armada Music and NIGHTMODE, like his debut EP FIRST CONTAKT and its follow-up VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT. 

Further, with main-stage performances at massive festivals like EDC Las Vegas and EDC Orlando also under his belt, KILL SCRIPT is clearly succeeding at bringing techno to the forefront of dance music and into the ears of festival attendees everywhere.

RaeCola is an emerging producer and DJ act that is off to an incredible start, picking up bookings at Day Trip and Dirtybird Camp Out prior to their debut EP, Bezerk, releasing this past July. On November 17th, the radiant selectors shared their latest single, "Bounce," a melodic switch-up that showcases their diverse talents. 

With recent announcements they'll be playing Ultra and Electric Forest in 2023, look for Raecola to make a fixed impression in the North American house scene and it's best to get these two on your radar now before they pop off cause they are on a straight path to crush 2023. 

Aquariox has had a slow burn over the past year, cutting his teeth in the ever-competitive Brooklyn scene. But having built a strong foundation off the back of his driving and melodic sound, Aquariox has all the pieces in place to make an explosive 2023. 

Having had a couple of strong releases in 2022 and support from some of the biggest names in the industry, Aquariox is one to watch in the melodic house and techno scene. 

A relatively new name within the dance music realm, Trey Mirror is one of the latest to join Amsterdam-, New York- and London-based record label Armada Music. His moniker aims to reflect the different views of reality whilst putting an organic, yet electronic sound to the feeling of melancholy that can’t be shaken.

Trey Mirror is looking to remain anonymous for the foreseeable future, but the mirrors will become part of the live performance to echo some of the inspiration and political motivation behind the music. A five-part display of musical prowess, Trey Mirror’s debut EP on Armada Electronic Elements brings with it a sense of sonic sophistication that could elevate dance music culture.

Future Chess Club is an artist who is catching fire in the old-fashioned way, through the hustle of connecting with curators and blogs and getting his music out to the masses. He garnered massive media attention throughout 2022, landing features on sites like Coeval, TTIS, and, of course, Magnetic.


Adjustable Downlights Future Chess Club possesses a unique sound that harkens back to the earlier days of indie dance music with a modern and punchy twist that gushes with melancholia and nostalgia while also slapping you in the face with pure energy.